There are several types of assessment to choose from:

  • Diagnostic Assessment - is meant to profile the employee's ability levels, strengths and weaknesses and is designed to identify the any disability or barrier when a previous assessment has not been undertaken.
  • Work Based Assessment - helps to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses relating to particular demands of a specific job and a detailed action plan for a 'reasonable adjustment' is created.
  • Ergonomic Assessment - is required to properly address individual employee requirements in order to improve their health and productivity in the workplace.
  • Technical Assessment - we offer adaptive technology assessments.
  • Job Design - we can assist in tailoring the job to match the abilities of the individual, taking advantage of the abilities and minimising the impact of the disability
  • The above assessments are conducted by an experienced assessor who has a unique combination of skills as a specialist in hidden disabilities in employment, specialist IT solutions, disability mentoring and policy advice. The emphasis in all assessments is to provide a professional opinion, bringing mutual clarity of the issues involved and realistic solutions that work.

    Each assessment is priced at £99.00 +VAT

    If you have any questions about the assessments we offer or wish to book, please contact us directly.

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