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For many Servicemen, Veterans and First Responders young and old, asking for help can be tough for fear of looking weak. This couldn’t be further from the truth; it takes strength and determination to realise there is a problem and to try and do something about it. Without the right help any of us, regardless of our place in society can suffer.

The situation can be made worse by simply not knowing who or where to turn. The sheer number of organisations and charities offering assistance can be confusing and frustrating. Help is required immediately, but trying to find the right help can take valuable time – time that could be spent addressing the issues that matter.

Fighting Minds can eliminate the confusion, upset and hassle in trying to find the help you require. No matter what the issue is, from mental health, financial information, personal/family problems or struggles in employment; our experience, combined with the range of services we provide mean that we will get you the help you need, quickly.

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