Employees who have seen active service may suffer from PTSD or other disabilities as a result of their service, which can undermine performance and motivation. With the right help positive changes can be made to overcome any issues and improve performance. 

The staff at Fighting Minds can help you to ensure employees fulfil their potential by providing them with a range of tools and proven transitional strategies, designed by former Veterans and fully qualified Psychologists.

Contacting Fighting Minds is the first step to getting the help your workforce and your business needs.
For more information on the Access to Work scheme, including your responsibilities as an employer and the help available to your employees, please click the following.

Awareness Training:

Designed to meet a range of conditions brought on by military service, our Awareness Training helps both employers and employees. This training has been created with input from both HM Forces Service Leavers and Workplace Disability Specialists to instil a greater sense of understanding and empathy towards a colleague that has served in the military, what they have been through and how they are feeling. This leads to greater understanding and a more effective working environment for everyone.

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