“People assume that service leavers have it all figured out, but often leaving the forces can be a shock.  Add a disability or mental health issue into the mix and it can be very hard to transition back into being a civilian.  Fighting Minds is there to help with the transition and resettlement of ex-forces as well as provide in work support for Emergency Services, utilising its wonderful staff of former service personnel and psychologists, each one dedicated to transforming lives for the better.”  – Simon Moloney CGC (Conspicuous Gallantry Cross)


About Us

Fighting Minds (FM) was born when former members of the British Army joined a unique training company who help Emergency Services overcome barriers in the work place. Fighting Minds Support (FMS) is an organisation designed to help Service Leavers and Veterans who may face a barrier to the workplace as a result of any disability or medical condition as well as continued support to our Emergency Services.

How We Can Help


If you have a disability or medical condition, you may be eligible to get funded support from the Access to Work scheme. FMS (Fighting Minds Support) can be recommended as part of this assessment and provide bespoke training to help you overcome your disability or health related barriers.  The training will be delivered one to one in the workplace. To understand the process follow this link:

Service Leavers

Fighting Minds are proud of the contribution we have made through our time in the forces, but we’re equally as proud of the transition we made back into Civvy Street. We put together the strategies that helped us succeed and want to help you too. 

Sometimes the psychological and cultural issues experienced as a result of transitioning from Solider to Civilian cause problems for years after leaving service, resulting in mental health issues or residual physical difficulties.  We can help, contact us for more information.

Get Help

If you or someone you know has a medical condition or disability, do not suffer in silence. Get in touch with us and we’ll get you the help you need.
Get help at work, including an Access to Work grant, if you have a disability or health condition.


If you employ Veterans/Service Leavers or Emergency Service staff and they are affected by a disability or health condition, we can provide training and support designed to unlock the great potential they possess as well as manage their condition effectively.

Our highly skilled and experienced team will ensure individuals get the help they need to improve performance, increase efficiency and boost workplace morale. In addition we can help employers and colleagues to understand the wider issues through awareness training.

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